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Perfect matching Promoting the development of biological


This year·s government work report put forward: to bring people trusted, hui ren pharmaceutical for bibcock, support for the development of biological medicine industry policy measures as soon as possible, strengthen biological pharmaceutical enterprise in the whole city agglomeration, industry consolidation, forge a nanchang city of biological medicine... This to our biological medicine pointed out the direction of further development of the enterprise, add to the bottom spirit, inspiring the confidence, is unprecedented new opportunities of development for our enterprise.
In terms of industry development trend, the biological pharmaceutical industry is still in the growth stage of industry development, with strong market potential and future development prospect of prosperous, belong to the sunrise industry, it has a strong push for zhuhai·s economic and social development. In recent years, the zhuhai continuously strengthening the support of biological medicine industry, biological medicine industry also presents the healthy development of good posture, enterprise total quality increase year by year, the overall benefit is continuously improved. The zhuhai on nanchang city of biological medicine, hui ren group will actively seize the development opportunity, further increasing spending on research and development efforts to improve enterprise·s core competitiveness, at the same time to speed up the construction of the distribution outlets, a comprehensive distribution service network.
I think, the government should further strengthen project docking, promote the construction of large projects fall to the ground, extension industry chain, improve the correlation matching and big industry scale, industry competitiveness. Precision at the same time, adhere to the service concept, strengthening the biological medicine industry policy support, to carry out the incentives at all levels, to create a good environment for the healthy growth of industry, promoting the development of biological medicine industry cluster.

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