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Practice "double creation": Xi'an biological medicine park


In Xi'an to create a "double-hit" city, with the "one way along the" opportunity to develop positioning in the health industry, biomedical technology innovation is one of the trends in the development of science and technology innovation, located in the high-tech area Kam industry road gazelle valley Creation of biological medicine incubator is Xi'an "double hit" strategy of a test field.

Research and development, innovation has been the embodiment of the original concept of high-tech zones Pioneering Park, but the new product research and development of scientific research equipment into the early, slow return, restricting the development of many biomedical enterprises. December 17, the reporter visited the gazelle Valley Xi'an joint creation of biological medicine incubator company, where relying on high-tech zones developed public facilities for the development of enterprises as much as possible to provide rental office area, road place, to create medical research and development of public laboratories, Business development favorable conditions. It is understood that there are more than 200 pharmaceutical companies in the joint incubator company under the healthy development of services. "We are to build a platform for the creation of a joint bio-medicine incubator company, the rapid development and growth, in achieving the results on the basis of the stage, we settled in the high-tech zone technology industry accelerator, where there is a broader space for development, and now we have Their own laboratory and drug research and development platform. "Settled in the gurgling Valley of Xi'an Yue Da Biotechnology Co., Ltd. General Manager Feng Miao told reporters. It is understood that Yue Da's fist products are also exported to silk along the country.

Reporters then visited Yue Da is located in Xi'an Cottage Technology Accelerator R & D center, the investment of tens of millions of dollars alone research and development base with GLP innovative drug research and development laboratories, third-party analysis laboratories, professional medium-sized laboratories and biomedical key Intermediates of the production line for the next step in the rapid development of enterprises laid the foundation.

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