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Fund cluster biopharmaceuticals Medical index prospects


By the end of march, the fund has fully disclose to complete annual report, the fund heavy warehouse stock to the surface. According to statistics, bio-pharmaceutical stocks in the fund heavy warehouse stock. Fund cluster biopharmaceutical phenomena on the one hand reflects the expansion and population ageing, medicine and other positive, driven by the pharmaceutical industry has the long-term development trend of uncertainty, on the other hand, highlights the charm of the pharmaceutical industry for long-term capital allocation.
As of April 2 afternoon, Shanghai and shenzhen two cities fall now, the Shanghai composite index closed at 2227.74 points, down 6.66 points, or 0.30%; The shenzhen component index closed at 8960.46 points, up 22.71 points, or 0.25%. Sector, biopharmaceutical plate fell 2.96% on average, though poor performance of biopharmaceutical plate today, but the long term biomedical areas still have optimistic outlook for the future.
Look from the medical index, since 2013, the shenzhen medicine tidal wave (399618) and 399618 medical index rose 18.13% and 18.61%, respectively (399386). Compared to the csi 300 index, two medical industry index, excess returns 19.58 and 20.06% respectively, promising industry revenue.
Shenzhen medicine and tidal wave of 1000 medical index tidal wave in accordance with industry classification standard, the listed companies in shenzhen stock exchange and the a-share market listed shares in the company·s business belongs to the pharmaceutical, health care equipment and services, such as biotechnology industry segment of sampled stocks stock. Pharmaceutical industry index for overall performance of listed companies in medicine and biology class industry to provide the market scale, to meet the market investors for the pharmaceutical industry listed companies indexation investment needs.

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